Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is a new beer, Trois Pistoles or whatever Idk. All I know is that theres a pegasus flying behind a castle on the bottle so I bought it.

Beers a 9% and i'm drinking it real cold, 10 degrees celcius to be precise.

I pop the bottle open and smell fermentation, thats a good sign... a great sign actually. At a moderate pour I get almost no head! astounding. I let it sit there for about 30 seconds as I smell it and just kind of look at it for a moment. Imagine doing that with anything else? I would look like a psychopath.

When I finally start drinking it i'm like "wait I didn't expect this". You see for such a fruity smelling 9% beer this is actually very malty tasting and pretty spicy too, not fruity at all. The aftertaste was reminescent of something more matured like a liour... almost malted.

This bottle got me a good buzz going, then again I drank it in 10 minutes, althought I would suggest it to be more of a sipper.

Beer gets a: 8.5/10

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