Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stone Ruination IPA

Gotta do an IPA. This is Stone Ruination and I picked up a bottle A) Because it was on sale and B) because I've had it before and I know it's good.

Anyway I give it a full half tilt pour and it smells like freshly picked weed, the head is almost non existant. It has a nice golden amber hue to it.

First sip and I already know what I'm expecting, it still kicks my ass every time though. This is a super flavorful beer and is hoppy like a motherfucker with a nice almost citrus/malt combo background thing going on. What I like most about this beer is it's easy to put down even though it's so intense and Grassy, they have a pretty cool mascot to boot.

Great beer, I love IPAs
Good Price, full pint bottle runs like 6 bucks?
Easy to drink, I take mine cold.

Beer gets a 9.1 out of 10

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