Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dogfish Head "My Antonia" Pilsner

My Antonia is a continually-hopped Imperial Pils.
I got this instead of an IPA today, as a recommendation.
9.4 fl oz bottle, 7.5% alcohol.

-The recipe Sprouted up in 08' during Dogfish Head's owner Sam's trip to Italy.
-They decided to brew it again in Delaware, limited US release since June. $7.99 a bottle.
-The flavor profile is straight forward, it bites hard and has a thick, bitter initial hit.
-I could say it's a little grassy but what I really mean is it's just plain Hoppy, it's so unexpected from these newfangled 'imperial' pilsners. Then again I don't know what to expect from an Imperial Pilsner in general since every one I've had seems different so far.
-I do like the mixture of Noble and West Coast hops in this beer, and it has a very distinct 'Old World' appeal to it. However the flavor is a little simple and leaves something to be desired.
-It's a manly beer and although it might seem good for hot weather, it might be a little intense with too bitter an aftertaste to be absolutely refreshing.

I like this beer, but I don't love it.

7.5 out of 10

Try it though, if you like bitter beer (which I do) you won't be disappointed.