Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cisco Brewers 'Grey Lady Ale'

Here's a pint of Witbier with a cool label I picked up today.
The Brewery is based out of Nantucket and it's a 4.5%
Pours out a Hazy-lazy yellow, Golden and Citrusy looking.
Smells like berries, Juniper berries to be precise.
Don't let the Ale title on this one fool you, it's a very mild beer with little to no bite at all.
I wouldn't call the flavor too complex either, but the mouth feel is syrupy and there's a lot of sweetness to it... So I wouldn't pair it with too many different things.
One thing I definitely DO like is when I pour out a pint and the bottle still has a generous portion left over.
The beer is pretty good, kind of boring but easily palatable and sweet so I could see how someone would enjoy it.
Also the girl ringing me up and Whole Foods forgot to charge me for it so... it was free.

All in all the beer gets a 7 / 10


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