Friday, November 13, 2009

Red Hook "Chill"

Red Hook "Chill" Blonde Ale.

Drinking this one cold with a Frosted Tankard.

Beers only a 5.77%, pussy shit :|.

Anyway, I poured it out pretty quick and the Glass held it all in. Why? because it has a thin head to it.

This is the second in a row at 10C, I like Blondes colder.

I'll say that I've had better from this Brewery, but the price point was agreeable and it's a blonde on top of that so I guess the quality becomes somewhat more negligible.

Fruity smell to it, lightly carbonated and semi-opaque. A good beer for when you're thirsty or if you don't really like beer too much and just want something alcoholic to drink.

7 out of 10, OK but didn't surprise me at all.

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